Functional Integration® (FI)

The hands-on private lesson is called Functional Integration® (FI)

What is a Functional Integration® (FI) lesson?

Functional Integration® (FI) lessons are a hands-on form of therapy using gentle movement and non-invasive touch. It is an one-on-one approach to working with people.
In Functional Integration®, the practitioner develops a lesson tailored to your unique needs and relates the lesson to your intention or needs.
You learn more about how you organise your own body and learn through gentle touch and movement how to move in more expanded functional motor patterns.

What happens in a Functional Integration® (FI) lesson?

Functional Integration® is usually performed with the person lying on a table designed specifically for the work.
At times, various props are used to support the person’s body or to facilitate certain movements.
The sessions are pleasant and effortless, done fully clothed, lying on a low, comfortable table, using gentle movements and touch. The sessions generally last 55 minutes (first session 75 minutes ).

Who are FI lessons for?

Functional Integration® sessions are good for everyone. People of all ages, conditions, and levels of fitness can benefit.
If you are experiencing an acute difficulty or wish to address a physical issue in a direct and effective way, it is recommended that you have a series of Functional Integration® sessions.

How can FI sessions help me?

Functional Integration® sessions can help to reduce many types of pain and headache or chronic tension.
FI sessions can help you to recover after an injury, regain lost function, and improve the way you use your body.
You can also use the sessions to enhance your physical performance and increase your enjoyment of many athletic and performing arts activities.

How does it feel?

People describe their movements and sensations during lessons as pleasurable, relaxing, and fascinating. Most experience immediate reduction in pain, and over time they discover lasting, specific improvements in the movements of their day-to-day lives resulting in more choices, flexibility, and greater ease of movement.
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